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Canning Industry BROMAR with the products BROTO in José Andrés´ programme on TVE1.
Click to enlarge José Andrés, the popular and international Asturian chef had the actor Manu Dios as a guest on his programme "Vamos a cocinar" (Let´s Cook) on TVE1.

On this new show, José Andrés cooked pasta in pesto sauce as a main course. He also prepared cockle with orange, one of the tapas that made him very famous in USA.

Before he prepared the menu, as always, the chef went to the market where he bought the appropiate ingredients. For this, he put his trust on BROTO and chose our cockles from Rias Gallegas (Galician Rias) which are selected and handpacked. It was a great choice.

Once the meal was ready, the chef and Manu Dios went to the dining room in his TVE1 home to taste this exquisite dish.

The programme "Vamos a Cocinar" (Let´s Cook), José Andrés points out, is aiming to reintroduce tastes from the international gastronomy, to have a good time and to make it a meeting point for the whole family as well as to convince people who don´t cook to give it a go and try some cooking.
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